Open Access office under Chief Engineer/SLDC, PSTCL, Patiala is a nodal agency in state power utilities for grant of short term open access to all eligible customers & consumers of PSPCL .

Open Access is being granted in discriminatorily by PSTCL to all the eligible open access customers embedded in Transmission and Distribution system of PSTCL & PSPCL as per provisions of Electricity Act-2003 and Open Access Regulations issued by Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission (PSERC) and Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) from time to time.

Presently Open Access for interstate sale of power has been granted to three embedded power plants for third party sale of power through power exchange/bi-lateral agreements. ( Total 59.8 MW approx)

Open Access has already been granted to 316 no. Large supply consumers of PSPCL (Powercom) for purchase of power through power exchange. (Total 1360 MW approx) 

293 no. consumers are presently purchasing power through power exchange as per their requirement against a total permission of purchase granted for 1287 MW.

Open Access office also deals with the energy accounting of UI based energy of Open Access customers and reactive energy accounts and records are maintained for UI, reactive energy and assessment of open access charges.

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