Punjab State Transmission Corporation Limited

Online Filing for No Objection Certificate (NOC)

Important Instructions

1.    The online link is only for those Open Access customers, who want to avail NOC for transacting in Indian Energy Exchange (IEX).

2.    The customers who want to avail NOC for transacting in Power Exchange of India Ltd. (PXIL) will have to apply manually by filling & submitting the prescribed application form via e-mail as per existing procedures in line with Intra State Short term Open Access Procedures, 2011.

3.    Open Access customers must follow the instructions provided in step by step procedure for online filing. 

Login to proceed:


1 SLDC Login

(For PSTCL/SLDC Office Use)

2 Client Login

(For Open Access Customers Use)

Note :- The online filing of NOC is under-construction and open on trial basis for selected Open Access customers of IEX.